Sukhadi – How To Make Your Home Sukhadi In Gujarati Recipes

Sukhadi - How To Make Your Home Sukhadi In Gujarati Recipes

Sukhadi :- We make our usually almost every month. Everyone in the house is very happy.

Isuli Gujarati Mithi Sukhadi (Gol Pappadi) with only 3 main countries; Jaggery, ghee and wheat flour.

This traditional dessert is very easy to make and it only takes 10 minutes …

These are very easy to follow my mom (Surabhi Parikh) recipes. I build like Hamshan. Very nice pleasant character. 3 Agriculture is required. For extra check you can find people from other countries like almonds, pasta, sesame, saffron, haldar.

Sukhadi – How To Make Your Home Sukhadi In Gujarati Recipes

Ingredients :- 

  • 1 cup wheat flour (bread no flour) ((If you are using Bhaliya wheat flour, use less than 1 cup ghee. For all other flours 1 cup flour, 1 cup ghee is required))
  • 1 cup ghee
  • 1 cup jaggery (always use Kolhapuri jaggery (white jaggery) to make it smoother for best results. If you want to use a little less jaggery you can use a little less than 1 cup
  • Sesame
  • Turmeric
  • Saffron
  • Almonds, pistachios

Steps :- How To Make Sukhadi

1. Keep everything ready. On a gas flame medium. Once you start making it, keep your eye on the wheat flour. Take special care not to get burnt. Make sure the round is chopped before you start making. If the jaggery is not chopped, it will not mix well with the flour.

2. Take flour in a pan and add ghee in it. Mix the two well and keep stirring. Keep shaking the bottom for a while.

3. After a while the color of the flour will change a little. And a nice scent will start to come. The flour is now baked. Add chopped almonds and pistachios. Then add saffron, sesame seeds and a little turmeric and mix well.

4. Now turn off the gas. That is very important. It is important to remember that gas cannot be turned on again. Stir constantly. Now add the jaggery. Now stir in the jaggery till it melts completely.

5. Now spread this in a greased plate.

6. Apply chopped almonds on top of the pistachio slices, squeeze a little with a spoon so that it sticks nicely. Now cut into it.

7. Let it settle for a while now. Let it crack after a while. Enjoy the nice fun that melts in your mouth.


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